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*Results may vary from client to client 

"I found out about Body Blast through a good friend of mine who had already reached her weight loss goal with Linda, the certified nutritionist.  All I can say is that Linda's great and the program really works! I'm eating better than I ever have and I'm losing weight and inches. I am better informed about health and fitness. I've learned how to manage my meals on a daily basis and all the foods that I should avoid when going out for dinner to restaurants. I love the overall atmosphere and once I reach my goal, I will encourage my entire family to join as well. I'm extremely pleased with the results, appointment based consultations, and the customized meal plans that are created especially for me. I wasn't able to get out of my rut and I was at a plateau for awhile prior to coming to Body Blast. My entire experience so far has been great and I will absolutely continue seeing Linda. Thank you!"*

Claudia G.

Yasmine G.

Adam S.

"I first heard of Body Blast from the mobile ad sign on Steeles. My main goals when I joined were to lose weight, think positive, and incorporate new healthy habits through food and exercise. I feel so at home and the atmosphere is excellent. Not only did I learn how to eat properly,but I'm also personal training with Giancarlo, who is an excellent motivator. I have reached my goal and am very happy. Most importantly, I have kept it off for awhile now. I can honestly say that my experience at Body Blast has been awesome and it was definitely the best thing I did for myself in years was to join!"*

"If it wasn't for my sister Sheri, I wouldn't have ever known about Body Blast. I have been able to tighten up my loose skin, get rid of my love handles and overall, look better physically. Linda and Giancarlo have helped me to realize that some of the foods I was eating together were not good combinations. It's always so clean, and well kept. The television is awesome too! Everything is great. Giancarlo always makes sure to have the television turned to the right channel the second I come out of the change room. My experience has been perfect!"*

"I was referred to Body Blast by my friend Beatrice. She has lost her weight and looked absolutely amazing.  Ever since I joined personal training with Giancarlo, I feel stronger, and have more energy than ever before. My clothes fit better too! The atmosphere is great. I enjoy the one on one consultations with Linda and it's been the first time that I've gone through a program like this and as far as I'm concerned it's the best way to see results in a short time. Giancarlo is very encouraging. He can tell when to push me just that little bit more and he knows exactly when I've had enough. I am very happy that Linda understands that my lifestyle has me eating out a lot and she has taught me to fit that in my day without feeling guilty and just enough to satisfy hunger. I had enough of the way I was feeling. I couldn't sleep through the night because I had not digested my food fully and I was unhappy with the way I looked over all. I enjoy coming to my workouts and I hope to keep going so that I do reach my goal."*

Mary D.

Colette T.

Veronica S.

"I work across the street and saw the mobile ad sign on the sidewalk. Body Blast has given me the ambition, encouragement, hope and strength. I have more energy and have managed to lose many inches and pounds. Exercise is very important and I believe that it should be a part of your everyday life. I love the atmosphere, television, couch, magazines and shake bar. I feel pampered and relaxed. Also, Giancarlo and Linda make me feel extra special. They are always upgrading to make it more and more welcoming. Linda is great and she knows her stuff! I wanted to go to a workout place close to home and work. I have been overweight for 15 years, that's a long time, so my goal is to work at one day at a time for a lifetime. Body Blast is excellent overall! Thanks!!"*

"I was told about Body Blast through a good friend of mine. I had many pains and injuries and seeing that Giancarlo was not only a personal trainer, but also a registered kinesiologist, I felt very safe. Since I started, I have seen much improvement in my injuries as well as increased strength level. I have become more knowledgeable in training safer and not overdoing my workouts. I enjoy working out and I feel more grounded throughout the day. The atmosphere is very clean, not pretentious, and Giancarlo and Linda are very personable. I enjoy being told about my progress and what my goals should be for a given exercise. I am thoroughly enjoying working out in a clean and comfortable environment and knowing that the staff is well educated and able to give me that extra push is very encouraging. Whenever I have a question, they are always there to give me the right answer!"*

"Body Blast was referred to me by Beatrice. I was impressed at how great she looked and the weight she lost was amazing! Body Blast has improved my overall fitness, and has made me aware of how to choose meals that would be more efficient for my body. The lifestyle change program has improved my metabolism and by increasing my exercise program, has helped me burn my intake of food more efficiently too. I feel better, stronger, fitter and trimmed down! The atmosphere is very friendly, supportive and most of all caring. I look forward to my personal training sessions. There is lots of hard work - mixed with challenges and a sprinkle of humor - which I do appreciate! Linda is very informative. I have learned a different way of looking at my nutrition and I must add - I am rarely hungry. The entire experience has been great. The team is terrific at Body Blast. I look forward to continuing on my journey."*

Lesley K.

"I work in the same building and decided to join Body Blast. I have noticed much less cellulite on the back of my legs. I have a trimmer waist and have more energy. I have been made more aware of better eating and better habits. I have learned new ways to exercise without getting bored. I feel that I've not only gained a trainer and nutritionist, but two very good people I now consider as friends. Thanks for all your personal attention and recommendations. Everyone is so friendly, and caring. Very clean facility. What can I say about Giancarlo - he's great! Some days I want to kick, punch or even kill him! Sessions are well thought out and I love the variety of the workouts. Linda is fantastic and very knowledgeable. She is also a great cook and I love her food. It's been wonderful overall and I would highly recommend Body Blast to my friends and family."*

Patricia R.

"I was referred to Body Blast by my hairdresser. I have seen a difference in energy level as well as being more toned. Giancarlo keeps me motivated! I have learned to lose weight in a gradual process. Losing it too quickly would mean that I will gain it back too quickly too. The atmosphere is so private, comfortable, clean, well designed and I personally feel at home here. This is the first time in my life that I have ever had a trainer appointment and get excited to go. Linda is a very motivating person, caring and always willing to go out of her way to do things to us and by making my days a lot easier on me. I joined because I wanted to lose weight and for once I wanted to actually enjoy working out and I felt this place would do that for me. My entire experience at Body Blast has been amazing. I would never change anything!"*

Sheri S.

Cathy V.

"When I joined Body Blast with Giancarlo and Linda in October of 2010, I was going two times a week and I was also doing boot camp two sessions a week, something that I had been doing for about two years. After 3-4 months not only could I see a huge difference, others did as well and realized that it was Body Blast that had made the difference. I stopped doing the boot camp and added another session at Body Blast for a total of three training sessions a week. I had always tried to keep active however having Asthma all my life and there were times it would limit what I could do. Since joining Body Blast, I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I needed my inhaler and my overall health has greatly improved. After discussing my eating habits with Linda, she created a meal plan for me and I was able to the extra weight but gain some "healthy knowledge" from her. You gotta try her healthy muffins and bread...they are amazing!


I have tried other gyms and found them intimidating; the atmosphere at Body Blast is totally different; it's family oriented, fun and you get results. Giancarlo continues to motivate and challenge me with each session. I love the variety and the way it makes you feel and look. I'm hooked, and have recently added a 4th training session.


Thank you so much Linda and Giancarlo, you are guys are awesome and I look forward to another year at Body Blast!"*

David D.

"Body Blast was hands down the best personal training experience I've ever had and the best results in the shortest amount of time.  I highly recommend their training and diet plans to anyone who wants weight loss and a healthier lifestyle."*