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Nutrition 1-ON-1

Working with you 1-on-1: 




At Body Blast, a Certified Nutritionist will work with you 1-on-1 to determine the best path to your success while keeping you happy and enjoying life so you can stick to it long term.  We will help you to determine which food combinations work best for you and how to plan it into your busy schedule.  


Body Blast believes that in order to achieve optimal health, a properly designed nutrition plan is essential.  We do not believe in fads or gimmicks because they are unhealthy and they are unsuccessful in providing long term results.  By now almost everyone knows someone who has attempted a "quick fix" diet where the individual loses a substantial amount of weight only to put it all back on and then some.  Losing weight rapidly only to have it come back, better known as yo-yo dieting, only plays havoc on your system.


Our approach allows you to lose weight quickly but safely because your health is our first priority.  Your menu plan will not leave you starving and because we incorporate some of your favorite foods, you will not feel a sense of deprivation or experience those serious cravings that can lead you off course. *Results may vary from person to person

Initial assessment & follow-up:



A preliminary assessment is completed to determine the specific areas of your current dietary habits that need to be moderated in order to help you achieve success.


After assessing your nutrition as well as your current state of health, a meal plan will be completely designed around you. We understand that life can be extremely busy at times, so we teach you how to incorporate the right store bought foods, some of of your favorite foods and take into perspective the available time you have to prepare your meals.  


Approximately two weeks after your initial assessment, a follow-up session will be conducted where we will measure your progress and make the necessary adjustments to keep you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.

Additional consultations:



At additional consultations we will continue to fine tune your nutritional plan, motivate you and keep you on track, as well as provide you with the answers to questions you may have along the way.


Our nutritionist will help you to create the perfect grocery list that will compliment your plan and for those times you eat out, we will also assist you in picking options that won't sabotage your efforts.


Throughout your time at Body Blast, we will continue to provide you with undivided attention, motivation and encouragement.  We truly want you to succeed and we will take the time to properly guide you so that this will be the last program you ever try.

Maintaining your goals:



Once we have helped you to reach your desired health/weight loss goals, there are maintenance packages available that will help to keep you on track long term if you need it.

Reasons to hire a Nutritionist:



- Determine Food Intolerances

- Illness Prevention

- Improve Overall Health




- Manage Diabetes

- Menu Planning




- Weight Loss

- Weight Management